The S.E. upgrade path is available for the Capitole Mk II and Reference, Prima DAC Mk II, and the Prestige SACD, and can be supplied as an option on current machines, excluding La Source, on which this level of components is standard.

Featuring cryogenically treated valves/tubes and high quality replacement resistors and capacitors.

There has been a great response to our "S.E. upgrade" for the Audio Aero Capitole CD players and DAC. The SE upgrade requires changing some of the components on the D/A output board. The existing capacitors are replaced with a pair of very special capacitors manufactured by specialist company.
These new caps are mounted on special vibration-absorbing pads, and the 6021 tubes are replaced with cryogenically-treated tubes.

The Audiophile Club can supply upgrades from only £200: we can fit cryogenically treated valves/special capacitors (also cryogenically treated); we can also supply a special asynchronous adaptor for the Capitole/Prestige to operate as a 192kHz streaming facility; we can fit the Aktyna feet as a vast improvement to the standard BDR cones.

The improvement is immediately audible across the entire frequency range; we compare it to the difference between going from the early Mk.I Capitole to the Mk.II. Bass is tighter and more extended, midrange is more lush and detailed, and the highs are even more sweet and extended.

The cost of the factory fitted SE upgrade is £750 plus VAT and return shipping to Toulouse.

Srajan Ebaen at 6Moons.com wrote a review of the Prima DAC (same d/a board as the Capitole), first without the SE, with very good results, then with the SE, and he gave it a "Blue Moon Award"! Call us if you are interested in the SE upgrade..

Now, available worldwide, our NEW Audiophile Club Ultimate
Reference MIDOS

A discrete output stage, which fully enables all the latent potential sound, giving it free rein on an unrestricted super-highway of sound: for all Prima/Capitole and Prestige models. This is a massive upgrade, which can put a Prima on a par with the Capitole, that is until you fit the upgrade to the Capitole!!
Excerpt from Audiogon Forum: The results are rather spectacular: in particular, there is a dramatic increase in the 'being there' impression created: faster rise time with leading and trailing edge precision, in particular with woodwinds and strings, much better localisation of individual instruments in an orchestra and significant bottom and top end expansion. I used to think of the Audio Aero as a high class pre -certainly compared to my Graaf GM13.5B- and am now in reference territory. Rather than spend upwards of $8000 on a Shindo or Modwright preamp, upgrading an existing Audio Aero this way is a great way to go.


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