Transport Mechanism
Rigorous testing and previous experience is what determined our selection of the new state of the art Esoteric VRDS-NEO / VMK 5 transport
mechanism. This new transport is optimized for high speed rotational requirements of both SACD and CD. La Source incorporates this newly
developed, high precision aluminium turntable and new drive mechanism, equipped with a unique anti-resonance polycarbonate disc
clamp. The result is a flawless extraction of information from the source media.
Ultra high rigid construction
Extremely rigid chassis construction isolates the drive from internal and external vibration. The main chassis consists of a 10mm – thick/30 lbs steel bottom frame that provides a rigid, stable base for the player, improving the reading accuracy. Thick anodised aluminium is used on the top and front panel, manufactured in a 50 mm aluminium ingot. Thanks to this complete inert housing, small vibrations that could affect the lens or the clock precision are totally isolated. The chassis is supported by 3 AKTYNA A.R.I.S. high performance feet that allow the unit to be perfectly isolated from its support stand.
We are also the UK Distributors for the AKTYNA A.R.I.S. and DynA.R.I.S. feet
Digital and analogue signal processing
In order to extract the data with the best performance possible, we have optimized La Source to a new level, previously not attainable until now:
Premium quality board
We designed a top quality board with 24K gold platted contacts and 70 ppm copper circuit that allows for a perfect flow of data.
Exclusive Audio Aero digital processing
S.T.A.R.S Evolution module Audio Aero teamed up with Anagram Technologies to develop the ultimate digital treatment possible:
Based on a DSP 32 bits/384 kHz with 2 channel Asynchronous Sample rate converter, the digital output is driving 2 DAC’s in dual mono mode.
Dedicated ultra-low jitter Master clock
We combined our exclusive S.T.A.R.S Evolution process with a dedicated ultra low jitter Master clock that incorporates a high grade natural quartz crystal. This resulted in a new level of noise reduction and digital artifact reduction (including Jitter) with less than 1ps of RMS Jitter. Through this process we were able to facilitate a truly accurate digital audio signal that creates unequalled spaciousness and richly detailed sound.
Dual mono dac + tubes outputs
After our exclusive S.T.A.R.S Evolution treatment to the digital signal, we chose to re-design our analogue output stage. We selected the subminiature dual triode 6021W from Jan. Philips directly soldered on the PCB board for perfect contact. We also chose to cryogenically treat the valves and this resulted in extended tube life and improved sonics.
Power supply
The new hybrid power supply has been developed to provide extremely stable power with high linearity to each module of the player.
Each module receives its own regulator with specific tension for the application. Both analogue and digital stages have their own dedicated power supplies, this eliminates all residual noise and interference between the digital and analogical domain. We also implemented the latest generation of Mos-Fet integrated
circuitry to lower the noise in the signal path.

Fixed output or variable output with volume control. • Fixed output : 3 levels available : 2, 3, 4 V • Variable output : The volume is controlled in the
analogue domain as this process is the best way to avoid any loss of resolution. This is achieved by a high quality “ladder” attenuator.
The preamp output, with a maximum 7V output, allows driving virtually any amplifier offered on the market today.
Dedicated Asynchronous USB input
Allows plugging any digital source directly through the USB port.
5 independent digital inputs for a totally versatile player
Preliminary technical specifications
• Analogue outputs : single-ended RCA
and balanced XLR
• Analogue inputs : single-ended RCA
and balanced XLR
• Digital output : BNC
• Digital inputs : BNC, RCA,TOSLINK, AT&T, USB
• Frequency range :
3Hz – 48kHz (-1dB) with SACD or 24/96kHz input
5Hz – 21kHz (-1 dB) with CD or 16/44.1kHz input
• Output voltage :
2, 3 or 4 V RMS in fixed output mode
Up to 7 V RMS in variable output mode
• Output impedance : 100 Ohms
• Signal to Noise ratio : 129 dB
• Total Harmonic distortion : < 0.1 %
• Read software : CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SACD
• Power supply : 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Weight : 55 lbs.
• Dimensions : 18.50 × 17.32 × 6.30 inches
Retail Price: 27,000€ plus TVA which equates to a UK price of £29,500 inclusive of VAT, at the current exchange rate of 1.14€/£.

Capitole CD Player Reference
Exclusive STARS® 32bitFP/192kHz processing for a 24bit/192kHz RE-sampling, subminiature tube output stage, digital input, remote volume control and analogue inputs.
Capitole CD Player Reference has been designed with the idea to equal the SACD and DVD performance.
This is the ideal player for discerning audiophiles with a huge CD collection and not willing to go for new digital formats.
First, we selected a high-end laser mechanism from Philips for its excellent playback performance, long lifetime, low play noise and long product life cycle. Supported by a specific aluminium suspension, its excellent readability allows to retrieving a maximum of CD’s data.
Then, we included the state-of-the-art in digital processing : our exclusive STARS ® process (Solution for Time Abstraction Re Sampling), a combination of very high speed 192 kHz RE-sampling (a new jitter free clock is created), 24 bit re-quantization and signal enhancement techniques (extraction of “hidden” information from 16 bit data, improvement of dynamic, precision, soundstage and details), developed for Audio Aero by Anagram Technologies SA.
The core of the system is a 32 bit SHARC DSP which, by performing hundred millions of calculations per second, rebuilds a high precision 24/192kHz signal, independent from the input clock, and keeping total dynamic range in all stages.
Then, after a 1024 times up-sampling on demand, D/A conversion is performed at 6.144MHz by a high performance 24 bit / 192 kHz DAC.
Analogue output stage features sub-miniature tubes and high precision buffer with built-in high quality volume control for a perfect match between high-tech digital treatment and musicality.


Prestige SACD Player Reference:
!Last calls for the reference player - Now available as a DAC with asynchronous USB input. HURRY THIS IS A VERY LIMITED OFFER!

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