"NW of Wiltshire" writes:

"Have taken a while to evaluate the Audio Aero Capitole 24/192. What a wonderful player! This machine takes my breath away.

As you know I was truly wedded to my record deck, but now I shall be buying CDs. Very natural sound, warm and smooth, big 3D image, and bags of detail. For the first time I can sit and listen for hours...it seems to be made in heaven. Furthermore I can now appreciate the enormous bandwidth of my speakers.

Thanks a million for your help and service. It is very unusual to find a company who puts its clients needs first and takes so much trouble to keep him happy.


"DB of London" writes:

"Just a brief note to let you know that the Audio Aero Capitole CD 24/192 player is absolutely first rate.

I have used quite a number of top flight players, the latest being the Audio Synthesis Dax Decade which received top ratings in Hi-Fi News.

However, this Audio Aero player displays a number of
key attributes that clearly place it at the top: the imaging is exceptional with instruments effortlessly laid out before you;
it has the widest soundstage - when the music calls for it. Instrument timbres are very natural and dynamics are excellent. What more could you ask for?

The only negative is now I have to get rid of three components - my CD transport, my DAC and my pre-amp!

Many thanks for introducing me to this exceptional piece of equipment."

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